Specially Trained Safety Teams for Critical Operations

When it’s your job to plan for every safety contingency in your operations, look to DXP Safety Services for emergency responses, pre-staging of crews/equipment and safety training. The most vital services are those involving the rapid deployment of personnel and specialized equipment needed for rescues and firefighting.

Critical industrial safety services are often outsourced to specialists who stay abreast of current regulations and advances in equipment and techniques. Contracting with experts in safety and rescue provides peace of mind, and it allows you to focus on your primary business tasks.

Rescue Training and Services

Rescues at altitude and deep underground require highly specialized skills, training and equipment. High-angle rescues occur in a wide variety of industrial and other settings. They include rescuing stranded subjects from towers and other elevated sites. For example, wind energy safety is more important than ever, given today’s rapid proliferation of wind farms. In certain situations, the right fall arrest training and equipment is the difference for otherwise imperiled workers. DXP personnel help workers operate safely and in compliance with OSHA regulations.

DXP maintains highly trained rescue teams that know how to properly deploy the ropes, anchors, braking devices and hauling systems necessary to get workers out of harm’s way. When you anticipate an elevated possibility of a high-angle rescue, consider pre-positioning DXP rescue personnel and equipment to reduce response times.

Underground rescue readiness is not only vital for workers — it is the law. In accordance with the Mine Act, the  notes that every mine operator must have rescue teams available to come to the aid of trapped miners.  and  requires that such personnel receive proper training.

DXP’s experts in mine rescue training help you protect workers and remain compliant. We provide training on the use of specialized, industry-specific equipment. DXP troubleshoots and maintains Dräger PSS®BG4 breathing apparatus commonly deployed in mining operations. To get workers ready for mine startups, DXP offers the 20-hour mine rescue course required by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

Planned Shutdowns

2020欧洲杯网站At refineries,  and other facilities, planned  (STOs) frequently present safety risks and challenges due to tight time frames. Proper safety training is often a key part of the complex logistics when millions of dollars are at risk.

Multiple advantages accrue when safety departments provide necessary safety training and services related to STOs. First, risks to on-site personnel and equipment are minimized. Second, liability exposure is reduced, and third, insurance rates are kept under control.

trained safety team

Emergency Firefighting

Emergency firefighting is another critical specialty at DXP Safety Services. Crews of well-trained professionals have battled fires domestically and internationally. High-volume fire suppression equipment is ready for deployment when fires happen, including dangerous industrial and hydrocarbon events involving refineries, oil well blowouts and chemical plants.

Class B hydrocarbon fires require specialized personnel and equipment, since they do not respond to water. Rather, chemical (AFFF film) or mechanical action (non-AFFF concentrated foam) extinguishes the fire. Such fires may involve light hydrocarbons like cyclohexane or heptane, heavy hydrocarbons like diesel fuel, or aromatic hydrocarbons like benzene and toluene.

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